The Internet has made dating new people easier than ever because it is much simpler to find a person with similar interests. But to enjoy online dating, it is important to choose a convenient application which would provide all the functions you need and not be another useless time eater.
We want to help you with this by reviewing five popular mobile applications that should give you exactly what you want.

Tinder (Android, iOS)

Tinder is one of the most successful online dating apps. The service is built on the “like / dislike” principle. Users view a photo of the proposed partner and can choose: swipe to the left if the photo is not attractive, and to the right if vice versa.

Such a tough selection style has been widely criticized, but given the daily billion scrolls, the creator of the app, Sean Rad, is hardly upset about this. If two participants mark each other’s profiles with mutual likes, they will be able to continue a conversation in the chat room and arrange a personal meeting.

The application has the opportunity to like a personal message and illustrate your wishes to the future partner using gifs. Tinder is a fun, modern application that requires minimal effort to install and even less to start using. Soon you will begin to flipping without stopping, so you will match with someone soon or later.

However because of the ease of creating a profile, some users do not bother to search for their partners. If you are a woman, then most likely you will be somewhat shocked by the number of unwanted photos of naked men. Also, the only way to turn back the clock, if you whittled away a photo of a man of your dream man, is to pay a monthly subscription to Tinder Plus, an enhanced version that allows you to change your location and look for someone, for example, in Ibiza, if you are going to go there soon.

10 million daily Active users (Sep. 2018)

Badoo (Android, iOS)

The most popular dating app in the AppStore, in which more than 335 million users are registered. So the choice here will be quite large. This application will offer you a standard set of functions that you will find in the same Tinder, but you will be able to use the desktop version of the site, where all the features of the application are immediately visible, in full view.

Badoo copies information about you from your Facebook profile, so if you log in via a social network, then you no need not fill out anything else – the app will do it for you. Combining elements of a social network and dating service, Badoo provides access to a database with a huge number of user profiles and photos.

As in most similar applications, dating begins with the rating of a potential partner’s photo. In the case of mutual interest, users can start to communicate. However, in order to see who you liked, Badoo requires a paid subscription. The advantage of the Badoo service is a large subscriber base, among which you can find an interesting person.

However, as often happens on dating sites, users complain that a vis-a-vis image can significantly differ from the profile.

Active users: 60 million (Sep. 2018)

Bumble (Android, iOS)

Bumble, created by Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Tinder, is the first dating app that allows women to be the first to initiate dating. The basic scheme is similar to that of most applications: “swipe” to the right is sympathy, “swipe” to the left is the opposite, but only a girl can start communication here.

There is only a day to decide to send the message first, then your “match” will disappear. The application is integrated with Instagram and Spotify and allows you to manage the visibility of the questionnaire, but it has only two search filters (by gender and age).

It is also rumored that some of the profiles on Bumble are fake, but in an interview with The Telegraph, Wolfe assured that all this is not true, everything is real. However, there are not many users there yet, so the chances of matching with someone are much lower.

37 million registered users (Oct. 2018)

Happn (Android, iOS)

The main difference of the French service Happn is that it looks for a pair by the number of intersections in the same places. The rest of the application is very similar to Tinder: if your sympathy with another user matched, then a dialog box will open.

To increase your chances of correspondence, you can send the so-called Charm (sign of deep sympathy) to your favorite user. The Happn application actively uses geolocation, remembers the most visited places (cafes, shops, entertainment centers, gyms, etc.) and, based on this data, selects potential friends for you who visit same places with you.

According to the developers, this system makes it much easier to find a place for a meeting, because in this case, you can simply cross at the point that you both like best. However, Happn is a somewhat unmanaged application.

6.5 million active users (Jun. 2018)

There is no way to find a beautiful stranger with whom you crossed a few days ago, and most people’s profiles are mostly empty, making it difficult to select and communicate.

OkCupid (Android, iOS)

This application requires the user to answer a million questions in order to pick up a couple of interests. The interface is complex, lots of functions, extremely detailed profiles.

The application does not search by geolocation, but by matching patterns, so there is a chance, having answered all questions in detail, to find a really suitable partner from all points of view.

The questionnaire is huge: OkCupid is interested in what things in life are the most valuable for you, how you like to spend your time, learn your attitude to alcohol, drugs, strengths, and weaknesses of your character, favorite books and movies.

Many people are looking for partners there for a serious relationship, marriage. However, the fact that the location does not matter leads to situations when you’ve got a message from people from other countries and cities.

You can search in different ways: in the usual way with detailed profiles or in Tinder’s analog, which is called “Quickmatch” – there is only a photo and the option “like / dislike.” The application allows you to write to everyone, even if your interest is not mutual, you can also view the “guests” (for an additional fee). OkCupid is the smartest and most effective dating service if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

Active users: 1.5M monthly

The story of Californian mathematician Chris McKinlay is well known: desperate to meet his beloved in life, he hacked OkCupid, collected data about girls he liked and it turned out that they fall under just a few general types, so he developed an ideal strategy for dating. In only two months, he found his happiness.