What Is A Size 52 Ring?

What is ring size 52 in MM?

16.2 mmCONVERSION CHART EUROPEANRING SIZE EUROPEANDIAMETER (mm)4915.6 mm5015.9 mm5116.2 mm5216.6 mm10 more rows.

What does s925 Ale 52 mean on a ring?

What does s925 mean on a ring? Look for marks indicating silverjewelry. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver that’s mixed withanother metal alloy, usually copper. For example, a stamp that says“S925” indicates that the jewelry issterling silver.

What does S 925 Ale 50 mean?

The number “925” on jewelry refers to its being made of 92.5-percent silver. … Pandora, a company specializing in genuine jewelry, uses “925 ALE” as a stamp on its silver jewelry. That way, the jewelry is labeled as being sterling silver and also as being an authentic Pandora-made piece.

What does ale 54 mean on a ring?

The standard marker’s mark on PANDORA jewelry is “ALE”, which stands for Algot Enevoldsen, the father of PANDORA founder, Per Enevoldsen. You will always see “ALE” stamped on our jewelry, except on some of our smallest pieces.

What size is 59 in rings?

Ring Size Conversion TableInternational Ring Size TableUS / CanadaUK / Australia / South AfricaFrance9 1/4S-½59 5/89 1/2—60 1/49 3/4T60 7/845 more rows

What size is 52 in Pandora rings?

Your Shopping CartUK SizeEU SizeInside Ring Diameter (mm)K5015.9K ½5116.1L5216.3L ½16.529 more rows

What is a size 50 ring in us?

US to European Ring Size Correlation ChartUS SizeEuropean SizeGerman Size4915.6549.315.75 1/45015.95 1/250.616.196 more rows

What size is 55 ring?

(On a phone? Best viewed in landscape)Inside diameter (inches)Inside diameter (mm)Inside circ. (mm)0.682″17.3 mm54.4 mm0.69″17.5 mm55 mm0.698″17.7 mm55.7 mm0.706″17.9 mm56.3 mm61 more rows

What size is 7.5 in Pandora rings?

Measurement TypeDiameterCircumferenceUS16.5 MM50.58 MM617.2 MM53.16 MM717.8 MM55.76 MM7.518.5 MM57.15 MM8.57 more rows

What does 54 mean on a ring?

size 7Pandora 54, means that the ring is a size 7 (US). –

What is a size 57 ring?

International Ring Size Conversion Chart TableInside Diameter MMInside Diameter InchesGermany France Ring Size16.9 mm0.6753.117.2 mm0.6854.417.8 mm0.7055.718.1 mm0.715719 more rows

What is ring size 58 in US?

Ring Size Conversion ChartRing Diameter (MM)USA/CanadaFrance18.2 mm.856¾18.6 mm.8½5819.0 mm.959¼19.4 mm.9½60¾18 more rows